VoIP (Voice over IP) is a much more affordable way of making and receiving calls. Where there is an internet connection, you can make a call. When there is a call between two IP phones, the call ends up being free. This is a great advantage especially for people who travel frequently. With their mobile device, they have the capability to receive and make calls with its IP telephony service. Another advantage of this as a service is its portability. You can make and receive calls with IP telephony services wherever there is an Internet connection by simply logging into your VOIP account. When you subscribe to a VoIP provider, you acquire a telephone number based on your Internet or adapter used for that service. This phone number is valid and will work even if your voice over IP is in Miami and you are connected to the Internet in London. You also have the ability to send pictures and documents from your computer while having a conversation on your mobile device.

IT USA SERVICES offers you several benefits in choosing VoIP. By simplifying infrastructure in a single network for voice calls and voice and data wiring, your company will have a reduction as far as the investments in equipment, it will lower operating and maintenance costs. VoIP technology enables telephone terminals to be connected directly to the Internet without going through a telephone network. Your business will have the ability to be more mobile. As your business grows and expands, moving or changing to another location would be a simple process as the communication configuration would require minimum change. In addition, employees who travel frequently for business still have the ability to answer their extension from anywhere in the world provided that they have an Internet connection which would allow them to receive and make calls using phone software over wireless networks.

VOIP services include:

– Caller ID
– Service Call Waiting
– Service Call Transfer
– Repeat call
– Call back
– 3 Way Calls
VoIP Cabling

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