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With more than a decade of experience and certified expertise in the tech world, we’re proud to be your trusted strategic partner located in South Florida. We are true masters in the creation of tailor-made, comprehensive technology solutions, designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether you need remote or in-person support, our mission is to safeguard your information and the continuity of your business processes at any moment.

Our commitment to protecting your data goes beyond words. We have top-tier certifications and a robust cybersecurity system to ensure that your information is inaccessible. We are here to drive your success at every stage of your journey to technological excellence. Trust us to take your business to the next level and discover what true technological innovation can do for you.

our mission


Welcome to the technological innovation epicenter for small and medium-sized businesses in South Florida! Our mission is etched in our DNA, to be your unbreakable partner in the world of technology. We know your challenges inside and out. Our promise is simple but powerful: ultra-fast solutions, custom plans that fit your budget, and unbreakable 24/7 support throughout your exciting journey to business success.

Working with us is not only about cutting-edge technology solutions, but also, having a passionate partner who is willing to go above and beyond to propel your business to new heights. Here in South Florida, we are the compass that will guide your business to the technological future it deserves. Are you ready to take the leap? We are too! Join us on this exciting technological journey and discover how we can transform your challenges into opportunities.

our vision


Imagine a future where technology is more than a tool, but a true partner that leads to success. This is the vision that inspires us every day in our pursuit of excellence in the world of technology solutions. Our goal is clear: to be the leading IT company in the United States and, more than that, to grow alongside our customers, because we understand that technology is the key to rule the market.

IT USA is more than just technological solutions; we offer a bold and shared vision of a more efficient, innovative, and successful tomorrow. Partnering with us is getting world-class technological services, but you also become part of an exciting journey into the future. In this journey, technology is not an obstacle, it is your best ally. Join us as we work tirelessly to take your business to the top and together build the technological future you deserve.


At IT USA, our North Star is guided by three non-negotiable values that anchor every relationship we build with customers and partners:



Your information security is our top priority. We understand that your data represents your most valuable asset, and we are unwaveringly committed to  safeguarding it. You can trust us to keep your data confidential at all times.



Transparency is our cornerstone. We believe that trust is built through accurate and honest information. Therefore, you can count on us to provide you with truthful information at every step of the way. Our honesty is the foundation upon which we build strong and lasting relationships.



Your business is unique and has specific needs. Our commitment is to be completely aligned with you and your individual requirements.
We work tirelessly alongside you to develop technology solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs.

These values are the heart of our business philosophy

When you choose IT USA, you choose a partner who not only offers cutting-edge technology solutions, but is also committed to security, honesty, and adaptability to drive your success. Trust us to deliver the best in technology and unbreakable values in every interaction.

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