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Itusa Services has been providing professional IT Support for businesses in and around Central Florida, Coral Springs, Palm Beach, Florida since 2008. Technology is the engine that keeps you going and growing. We also managed security for many companies around Florida for 12 years. Maintaining IT systems and keeping up to date on the latest innovations can make it feel more like a burden than an asset which is why we handle your IT support solutions and technology needs so you can focus on the things that make you successful. We strive to give our clients Enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses.

There are a lot of It companies in Florida, but we are confident in the quality of our service and eager to exceed your expectations. Simply call +1 (954) 556 - 8847 and find out more about any of the services offered by our IT company.

Features about our support team
Managed IT Service

Enhance the reliability and efficiency of your company through our managed IT Service.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing reduces the cost of Information Technology. Cloud Solutions maximizes up time and is available from anywhere.

Cyber Security

Don't fall victim to security breaches. Having the right systems in place will give you peace of mind.

Enterprise Growth

Our Team offers professional services and the highest level of IT support available day to day with enterprise needs in mind.


We focus on providing companies with high quality services in computing and IT to improve competitiveness in the enterprise. Our technical team of highly qualified personnel, certificate management, network management, technical support and project development, has experience in developing solutions for different types of businesses using technology and meeting the standards in quality.

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Our vision is to lead with excellent service management in the area of Information Technology providing solutions in Broward County.

We offer comprehensive solutions to businesses that require high levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness. We seek to meet the needs of customers and our employees in an environment of fairness and honesty that is based on a Quality Management System that allows for continuous improvement.

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About Us

With over 12 years of experience and a highly trained and qualified staff, we provide complete computer services and provide solutions of excellence in IT support for both small and medium enterprises. You will find information about network solutions services and IT consulting, VoIP, web business solutions, services including computer support and cloud computing all based on the needs of your business. In addition, you can access additional benefits that will make your internet experience more enriching through a full range of technology services and support we offer to our customers.

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IT Solutions and Services

Managed IT Services

For your business to succeed, your system must remain operational. Our IT company understands that you can’t afford to wait for a problem to take action. Constant monitoring ensures that you avoid expensive downtime because issues can be fixed before they become a problem.

As a full-service IT company, we offer clients a comprehensive array of managed IT services. In short, our IT company manages your network system based on your needs. Our team of professionals can deliver full-service support of your hardware, software, design, monitoring and much more. Or, we can simply manage some of your IT services and leave the rest to your in-house team. The choice is yours.

All of our managed IT support solutions are fully scalable, which means you have the freedom to grow and/or contract as business demands. By tailoring a solution to your specific needs, our IT company ensures you get the most value from your IT budget.

You will experience less downtime, more reliable business continuity and monthly on-site checkups that protect you from common day-to-day issues that can derail your workflow. Get the most from your IT services with help from our managed services professionals.

Cloud IT Solutions

Cloud computing has forever changed the way people do business. Smaller businesses benefit from features that used to only be available to big business. Our professional IT company can help you develop a comprehensive cloud computing solution focused on lowering costs, increasing efficiency and encouraging collaboration.

Our cloud IT solutions give you the freedom to pay only for services you need. This flexibility offers real value and ensures you provide your clients with levels of service they've come to expect. Enjoy the benefits of a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid of the two. The security of your data is always paramount, so we will work with you to customize an IT solution that considers all variables.

One of the greatest advantages of cloud computing is that your personnel have access to your IT infrastructure from just about anywhere, and on any device. This makes collaboration a breeze, even when they're away from their desk. In today's marketplace, connectivity is essential, so get the most out of your cloud IT solutions by talking to one of our client success managers today.

Cyber Security IT Services

Cyber crime is ubiquitous, so you should do everything you can to ensure you're protected. There are a number of IT companies that offer cyber security packages, but we service the most discerning clients who can't take risks with their data, including medical HIPAA clients.

Falling victim to a serious security breach can be devastating. While downtime can be expensive, losing the confidence of your customers would be far worse. Comprehensive cyber security means having more than one line of defense. If a breach occurs, you need confidence that your subsequent layers of defense can contain the threat and minimize the damage.

Our IT company defends your data as if it were our own. Firewalls and anti-virus software are only part of the equation. We also employ a number of architectural cyber security protocols to ensure you're always protected. Our spam filtering solution eliminates 99% of potentially harmful phishing emails, and we go the extra mile to ensure your personnel understand how to identify the most cunning threats used by cyber criminals.

Multiple lines of defense ensure your data is protected. You are free to focus on business while our IT company handles your security. Technology should be a tool, not a hindrance. Contact us today to learn more about our cyber security IT services.

Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery

A disaster can happen at any time. It may come in the form of a fire, hurricane or other. If you're unprepared, you could lose important proprietary data and experience days, weeks or months of downtime. Are you currently capable of quickly recovering from some unforeseen disaster? If not, our IT company can help.

Business continuity is all about backup and disaster recovery. If your network fails for any reason, a backup and recovery plan ensures you can conduct business without interruption. Hard drives can fail when you least expect it, and disasters can strike at any time. To deal with these situations, you need a comprehensive business continuity solution from an IT company that can deliver.

Simply doing routine backups of your data is not enough because backup software can fail. Backup data is often worthless without a recovery plan because you must also be able to restore your network environment. Storage, servers, operating systems and essential applications are all part of recovery process, which means your IT infrastructure backups must be stored at a remote location.

Our IT company has a proven method to ensure a disaster doesn't derail your business. It's a disk-based, full-image solution that takes snapshots of your network throughout the day before storing the data at a remote location. Your data is protected. Your ongoing productivity is guaranteed. No matter what fate has in store for Florida, you don't have to worry about any devastating loss of your data.

Managed VoIP Phone Services

Traditional landlines just don't cut it anymore. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is essential for every business trying to compete in today's marketplace simply because there are so many inherent advantages. Many advantages of VoIP are directly related to customer experience, increased workplace efficiency and enhanced connectivity. If you're a small business trying to compete against the big boys, VoIP phone services level the playing field significantly.

Our IT company offers fully scalable VoIP phone solutions. You will enjoy the most useful VoIP features, like call recording, click-to-call dialing and many more. Other benefits include high definition call quality, reduced phone rates, free long-distance calling and remote connectivity.

Communication is at the heart of every successful business, so make sure you're using the most sophisticated VoIP technology available today with help from the OrLANtech team.

Get the results you need with technology you can rely on. Contact us today to find out how our IT services offering in Florida can keep your IT running smoothly.

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