Network Monitoring

Computer networks, laptops, printers, faxes and any other device that communicate with each other, are the basis of the functions of companies and for this it is necessary that these remain stable and do not affect the business processes.

Services such as Internet access, printing a document, sending a fax and even the ability to share files from one computer to another are vital in daily activities that although they seem simple, we do not imagine a scenario where this could be achieved without those ‘simple’ services.

But arriving at the most complex services, such as corporate email management, on premise servers or protection against cyber attackers, it is necessary to verify that everything continues to work as it has been. Before any incident or inconvenience, give an early solution and that the services remain uninterrupted and consequently do not harm the whole business.

It is worth mentioning that cyber-attacks are now increasing due to new modalities, making use of social engineering and malware, viruses and worms that are more sophisticated.

That is why it is much better to be prepared and protect yourself from threats by protecting your most vulnerable and highly critical points (For example, Information Security and Disaster Recovery).

Do not subject your business to unnecessary risks, since we will be able to monitor the services that support your company so that it continues working with total normality. Do not ruin your business for a job we can do for you and you can focus fully on your business.

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