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VoIP is a much more affordable way of making and receiving local and international calls over the internet. Replacing your old phone lines is both hassle-free and cost-saving.

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Affordable, High quality calls to anywhere in the world – IT USA Services’ VOIP will allow your business to stay connected anywhere at any time.

We understand that communication is an indispensable part of your business today. By providing professional and tailored VOIP solutions (Voice Over Internet Protocol), we can help you replace your traditional phone network and implement a cost-saving VOIP service that will allow for quick, quality calls from any device (phone, laptop, desktop, etc.). Your business VOIP infrastructure can be set up in minutes. The only thing you need is your established internet connection.



One of the top features VOIP has is its flexibility since it only uses your existing internet service to make long distance VOIP calls all around the world without having your phone connected to a traditional land line. Besides you will be able to host and join conferences from any device. This includes mobile phones, desktops, laptops and so much more.


Since VOIP can be implemented into any device, there is no need to use additional hardware to set up your network. This makes it easy to add additional connection points whenever your business is expanding.


No need for a traditional telephone service or Phone System. VOIP will eliminate the need to go through the costs and hassles of maintenance and repairs. Choose your preferred calling plan that fits your specific needs. This will allow you to pay only for what you’re using and cut down on your monthly costs.

Our VOIP phone services include:

Quick installation and implementation

Aside from your Internet connection, all you need in your business to get set up are compatible devices. Our team of engineers will help you out with installation and configuration in the blink of an eye. Since everything is based on your internet service, implementation is quick and easy.

Quality VOIP Support

Want to make changes to your existing VOIP network? IT USA Services will provide you with a tailored solution that includes continuous support so you can focus on what makes your business so successful. We are available both On Site and remotely.

Work smart, and discover the future of communications. If you would like to know more about our VOIP Services, make sure to sign up four our free IT Consulting session!

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We are a team of engineers that specialize in technological systems and count with many years of experience.

Remote It Assistance

Our Remote Network Support is deployable in the small-to-medium sized business, as a means to conduct intelligent offsite network support.

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For more than 13 years, we have been responding quickly and solving problems that many companies had in south Florida.

Network Monitoring

Our network support services keep your critical systems up and running without spending hours troubleshooting problems.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing reduces the cost of Information Technology. Cloud Solutions maximizes up time and is available from anywhere.

Cyber Security

Don't fall victim to security breaches. Having the right systems in place will give you peace of mind.

Enterprise Growth

Our Team offers professional services and the highest level of IT support available day to day with enterprise needs in mind.

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