Custom Software Development

From Design to integration and IT support, IT USA Services can help with every step of the development process, which means starting up a new project or improving existing software is seamless. Scroll down to see what solutions our experts have to offer.

Our Solutions


Create an online image that attracts customers across different platforms. Our team of Expert designers will deliver an enriched website with E-commerce capabilities that allows your business to easily sell products online.


Custom software will help create the necessary tools to effectively complete daily tasks, monitor improvements and implement applications that innovate the way your business interacts.


IT USA Services brings together a team of capable experts that will help Analyze, Debug and test existing software across a wide range of platforms.

Smart web design and effective digital marketing

Custom Web Development

Our team of innovative minds and developers deliver an attractive and innovative web page
that is guaranteed to attract customers to your business.

Multi-device Back-office management

Our web pages offer an easily manageable back-office across multiple devices that allow for quick modifications and integration of new content.

E-commerce capability

Drive traffic with an Interactive customer experience that ensures quick browsing, online store, delivery options and secure online payments.

Web Application integration

It’s important to bring features and functionality to your website. Connect to a wide range of API’s that will innovate and increase customer engagement.

Secure browsing

Enjoy SSL Data encryption so that visitors can browse with peace of mind without exposing any personal data.

Integrate the right tools and applications to boost productivity

Custom Software development

Our development experts will guide you through the whole development process in order to
create transparency and adapt to your requirements.


IT USA Services works with you to develop the right solution for your business. Our experts determine the right strategy and design that best suits you.

Business Analysis

Before the design phase starts off, our team analyzes the bigger picture to fully understand your business requirements and maps out the development process.


During the design phase our creative minds not only focus on how your product looks but also how it works. Our specialists can help out with both UI (User Interface) and UX (User experience) Design.


Our Frontend developers will help you out with appearance and user interface. This is complemented by our Backend developers who will focus on coding, debugging and the best way to implement the requested functionalities.


IT USA Services does continuous testing on the go, which means test scripts are built while the new code is being written. Rigorous QA Testing (Quality Assurance) is part of every project our team works on.


Our team will support continuous integration and can help implement additional tools and functionalities in the shortest time possible.

Maintenance and support

IT USA Services like to be involved even after your project has been deployed. We offer continuous support which includes modifications and Bug fixing to guarantee continuity.


Code and test scripts can easily be transferred to your team so you can focus on ongoing development if required. We additionally include training sessions and orientation to keep your project running.

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Software bug fixing, maintenance and integration

When your software and internal systems aren’t performing optimally, our development experts
can easily debug, sustain and rescale your project so your business can move forward.

Software debugging and maintenance

Our debug experts are proficient in the leading platforms such as: Microsoft Visual Studio (VB, C#, C++, JQuery), Apache (PHP) and Databases such as (SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, etc.)

Quality Assurance testing

Our QA Testing helps reduce project risks, optimize infrastructure and prevent vulnerabilities that can lead to security breaches. We can help out with Feature testing, Load testing and security testing.

API and functionality integration

IT USA Services can help you out with custom software functionalities (Outlook), Data management, server app development, business intelligence and multi-program integration to optimize your business processes.

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Our experts are familiar with each part of the development process and can easily adapt to your requirements. No prepackaged commercial off the shelf solutions that try to fit you in. Start the conversation today with an experienced developer.

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3 Reasons to trust IT USA Services to Support your Business in South Florida

15 Minutes Avg. Response time & 24/7 Emergency IT Services.

We guarantee fast response time and unrivaled dedication to maintain the continuity of your critical business processes.

Fair-rate Pricing Our certified technical consultants have a starting rate of 79$/hr.

However, some of our services do have a Flat Fee Model. Shoot us a message to get more info.

Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our services, call and let us know.

We will work together to correct or repeat the service also if needed we can arrange for another technician to repeat the service at no additional charge.



An IT specialist will be assigned to assist you, with any requirement, whether it is onsite or remotely. We will find the way to solve and prevent IT issues.


Our team is highly qualified on information technology, IT and Network support, Social Media Marketing, website development and more.


We implement a 24/7 monitoring service for your systems, and have a response team prepared to address any concerns immediately.


Our mission is to provide the best quality services in IT, and help your business stay ahead of their competition. We are committed to meeting quality standards in everything that we do.


We follow and enforce the best practices when it comes to security; for our internal processes, and especially for our clients. We work to educate our clients on security to keep their networks safe from potential attacks.


Our IT support company is prepared to assist you in either English or Spanish. Hablamos Español. IT USA Services continues to operate in Miami Dade County, Broward County, and Orange County. Let us help grow your business with our scalable IT services for businesses.

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