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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Get access to your operating system and data from anywhere at any time with our cost saving Cloud solutions.

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Get access to your operating systems and data from anywhere at any time with our cost saving cloud solutions.

As one of the leading IT companies in Florida, ITUSA Services offers a wide range of cloud-based solutions for your business. Get started with our Remote Home Office, share files with your team in the blink of an eye through our file server or securely store your data in the cloud.

Cloud Services come with a wide range of benefits that avoid unnecessary hardware purchases. On top of that the cloud is one of the safest ways to store and get quick access to your important data. Ultimately it will allow your team to share files and work together more efficiently from home. The only thing needed are your existing internet connections.

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Data Storage

In contrary to physical storage on your PC hard drive, Data Storage on the cloud ensures your files are safe and easily accessible across different platforms which also guarantees quick disaster recovery. A hybrid cloud model will additionally give you flexibility when storing sensible data by dividing private and public cloud data centers effectively.

File Sharing

Sharing data through the cloud is the best way to ensure continuity and accessibility in your day-to-day operations. You will be able to easily share large files, save backups, and access data from any device in seconds. The best of it? It’s all encrypted to keep valuable information safe.

Virtual Desktop

Eliminate the need to buy updated computers and additional hardware. Our cloud based virtual desktop powered by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure includes adaptable storage options and allows for scalable performance specifications for optimal computing power. You will be able to access this cloud-based computer from a wide range of devices and operating systems. In addition, these include multiple developer tools for machine learning.



Cloud Solutions are totally customizable; you can easily choose which functionalities are necessary so your team can efficiently complete day-to-day tasks wherever they are. With secure Encrypted Storage Space included for extra peace of mind.

Secure Data

Using our cloud service is completely safe! Besides being deployed within a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the storage space provided is completely encrypted in the cloud. No data managed by the user is stored on the local computer which translates into a secure and risk-free Desktop environment.

Quick Access

Access to your cloud-based applications and files is as easy as having them installed on your desktop. With just a single click you will be able to use Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and other apps that are part of your product selection.


Cloud based solutions eliminate the need for expensive hardware purchases. Cloud based desktops for example are cheaper, easily scalable to your needs and will give you the same benefits of a brand-new desktop. You can continue to use your existing hardware without any issues.


Cloud computing services are generally linked to innovative and secure data centers around the world. This means you will have access to the latest hardware which guarantees fast internet speeds, improved performance and the ability to adjust your cloud solutions to your needs.


Cloud computing allows for easy data backup, disaster recovery, and continuity. You will have fast access to secure data storage in the blink of an eye, without having to worry about potential power cuts or hardware issues.

Types of Cloud Computing

Public Cloud

A Public Cloud refers to resources managed by Third-Party cloud providers. These often provide Storage space and Server storage over the internet. (eg. Amazon). This means all hardware and infrastructure is owned by this cloud provider. Your business can access these services in your web browser (google, Bing, Yahoo) and by creating an account. Public cloud solutions use the latest technology to deliver high performance. Additionally these solutions are generally easy to scale to your business needs.

Private Cloud

A Private cloud is managed by a single business, often by using a physical server to store your data in their on-site data center. The important part here is that all data is maintained on a private network. The benefits here are additional security, while maintaining the flexibility of public cloud solutions.

Hybrid Cloud

As you might expect, a Hybrid Cloud is a combination of Public and Private cloud resources. This means data is shared between Private cloud data centers and public ones. This allows businesses greater flexibility and a wider range of options that can be adjusted to their needs.

Types of Cloud services


Infrastructure as a service, means that your cloud service provider helps you set up a complete IT infrastructure in the cloud. This includes, storage space, virtual desktops, networks and so much more. A good example of an IaaS service we provide is our Terminal Server. This service allows your team to access a virtual desktop with secure storage space and improved network access.


Platform as a service is a complete environment in the cloud, with tools that enable you to access everything from cloud-based apps to complex, cloud-infrastructure. You decide which resources are needed for your business and you will have the chance to expand and scale at any time.


With Software as a Service, IT USA can easily provide your company with the applications needed to effectively complete daily tasks from anywhere at any time. Our Remote Home office will allow you to connect to our applications server and data storage from your web browser, which will give you access to secure storage space and applications like Quickbooks, Office, and other customizable applications suited to your needs.

For more information on our Saas (Software as a Service)Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and Paas (Platform as a Service), make sure to sign up for our free IT assessment session. This will allow our team of expert engineers to quickly assess your needs and offer tailored solutions. 

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